Sandia hearing aid center repaired one my mother's hearing aids while she was here for an extended stay. I called and they made an appointment for her a few days later and they were able to clean and repair her hearing aid while we waited.
Colleen Lee, on Google
I had previously bought my hearing aids in Santa Fe, but when we moved to Albuquerque and they needed servicing, Dale Roberts at Sandra Hearing Aids serviced them various times at no charge. Recently I lost my old pair and purchased new hearing aides from Sandra Hearing. They are awesome, as is the service I continually receive, including regular checkups, cleaning, and adjustments. Dale Roberts and Staff always impress and delight my husband and I with excellent service, easily scheduled appointments, and a friendly comfortable atmosphere.
Dottie Kelley, on Google
In October 2021, one of my Beltone hearing aids stopped working while I was traveling away from my home Audiologist in Kentucky. Sandia got me right into the Cottonwood office. While Beltone isn't one of their brands and they could not do programming, they tested and cleaned my hearing aids, getting them back in service. Staff and audiologist were very understanding and helpful. They used their hearing aide experience and knowledge to fix my problem. Thank you, Sandia!
Steve Peek, on Google
Have been using Sandia Hearing Aid Center for myself, husband and mother in law. Great service and great products. Dale and Victoria are very professional and respond quickly to questions. Always available for necessary service.
sharon fenske, on Google
I’ve had hearing aids for about 5 years now. I’m on my second pair. I’ve had good service at Sandia hearing aids at Cottonwood mall and will continue to patronize this establishment. They’re very professional and courteous and it’s a pleasure to work with them.
Rick Campbell, on Google

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